Scimitar Global Services Limited ( SGSL) in Partnership with Q-better, is introducing our robust Queue management solution called ” Bloom”.

Bloom is an advanced customer flow management system that keeps customers informed about the queue process, assuring that their priority in line is being respected. In one suite you can have :

  • Appointment setting (with Virtual ticketing before getting to the office, branch service point or shop)
  • Queue management
  • Digital Signage

This system also allows professionals to collect all the information they need to manage effectively their service and resources. Gathers data to show essential statistics about the service performance. With an extremely intuitive approach, the system and components setup is quick and simple.

It also helps businesses to organize and plan customer-service in advance, improving resources deployment and allows customers to take a ticket before they arrive at the site and it keeps them informed about the queue status.


  • Reduced perceived and actual waiting times
  • High-quality customer service
  • Increased resources efficiency
  • Easy to install and easy-to-use
  • Intensified customer loyalty
  • Alignment with the customer needs



While waiting for their turn, customers often get bored and even frustrated. They also do not want to waste time in line when they could be doing something else. Using Bloom, the waiting conditions can be improved by placing screens showing dynamic content, and notifying customers when it is their turn, thereby reducing the impact of the waiting time, since customers can use their time as they wish.BloomTour_CustomerFlow_img6BloomTour_CustomerFlow_img10.gif


Lack of awareness of business performance and service quality is a common situation. 80% of companies say they deliver superior service, but only 8% of people think these same companies deliver superior customer service. With Bloom, feedback from customers can be collected through surveys available on-site, on their phone and touch screens at the point of service in realtime.


Bloom also supports a concierge service in queue management. A concierge can approach customers and help them enter the queuing process.


Bloom is a robust Queue manage solution that for Financial Services , Health Services Telecoms Service  and Super markets and Malls.  It can also be used for just appointment setting, where before arriving at the site, customers do not know how many people will be in line and, when they arrive, they may not know which service would best suit their needs. Using Bloom, customers can take their turn sooner by scheduling an appointment online or generating a virtual ticket. Arriving at the site, taking a turn is also a simple and straightforward process.

They can used their Phones, Tablet or their computers  to take a turn sooner and get alert when it is their turn.


The can walk in to the Shop or service location, to use the Tablet kiosk or Ticket dispenser.BloomTour_CustomerFlow_img5


DASHBOARD AND STATISTICS ( Reports and Historical data)
For a every application, reporting is very key. Bloom gives real-time and useful statistics, allowing professionals to monitor their business. The system generates metrics and reports to enable managers to optimize resources, get to know their customers and have insightful business awareness.


Bloom is a highly flexible and scalable system that can be customized completely for each business and activity specific needs, right now and as they evolve. Its architecture supports adding new services and devices, implement changes, and quickly adapt to the ever-present.BloomTour_FlexibleScalable_img1.png

And more with Bloom Enterprise Server:  the solution for large networks
This system allows to remotely and centrally manage an entire network of Bloom queuing systems, while providing in-depth business data through statistics. It helps managers make informed executive decision on how to improve their businesses, customer experience and consequently, their customer loyalty.

Are you in need of  the best queue management solution in the industry and would be interested in seeing a demo. Drop us  note with your details. We will contact you immediately.


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