Adding Chatbots to your Customer Engagements: The Benefits…

Corporate_Chatbots.jpgIf you run a business where you communicate with masses, chatbots can add value to interactions with your audience. Let’s go over the most important and beneficial aspects of chatbots to business for improvement of customer engagement:

  • Chatbots can be used for customer satisfaction. Problem solving conversations and effective guidance & assistance will have the positive effect on customer relations.
  • The digital age’s customers love personalization. So chatbots give them one-on-one communication chances they look for. These types of customers will feel closer to the brand if they are treated as “individuals”.robot-type.jpg
  • A chatbot provides real time and instant interactions. It can be used as the fastest response channel when communicating with the customers. This can lead to time and cost savings.
  • Due to their flexible infrastructure, chatbots can be easily integrated with other channels that brands use to improve engagement. For example, a customer can start a conversation about a reservation with the chatbot and then can be leaded to an online purchase page easily.
  • A chatbot itself is an active data collector on customer behaviors. Thus, scalable and better manageable communication can be constructed based on this meaningful data derived from real time conversations with the customers.
  • Experiences are enriched with the active involvements of brand ambassadors. You may consider chatbots as brand representatives that have a real time interactions with the customers. Adding an interactive channel to your system will provide another alternative for your audience.

Scimitar Global Services Limited in partnership with ODC  is offering  SmartMessage Marketing Platform – An Omnichannel platform (email, SMS,push,social media,chatbots…) for your business.

Click here to Book for a demo with our team on SmartMessage Marketing Platform but you can just try the facebook SMConnect banking BOT from your facebook profile.  We are available for further scoping session and implementation if you are happy with it. Chatbots-pic

Use key words : “creditcard”, “complaints”, “Autoloan” , “Transfer”, “Balance” etc.

You are not required to install any app! Just click and chatbot!  Please remember its a BOT not a Human being

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