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Social Media Engagement

MSME Smart Business Solutions from Scimitar Global Services LimitedThe speed at which we do business, and the number of channels we’re using to do it, is rapidly increasing. Your customers and employees have many choices when it comes to communicating, and social media channels are key components of the customer journey. It’s crucial that today’s organizations embrace social as a key aspect of digital transformation, rethinking how they approach customers as well as internal communication. D365 customer services dashboard.jpg

Social media found its first foothold in most organizations through Marketing or PR, but has since expanded beyond those groups into teams like Customer Service and Sales. Service agents can meet customers on the channel of their choice to solve problems effectively. Sales teams can gather intelligence, source new leads, and build credibility through social selling. Employees in any role can leverage social insights to better understand the voice of the customer.

Microsoft Social Engagement, a part of Dynamics 365, helps your organization harness the power of social media to achieve real business results – not just Likes and Shares. Here, we’ll dive into how Microsoft Social Engagement empowers employees in Sales and Customer Service by augmenting what’s available in each of those Dynamics 365 applications to create more personalized customer engagements.

Build seller credibility

Today’s sales force isn’t just mobile: they’re social, too. The rich landscape of communication channels available has made things complicated, but has also opened up a myriad of possibilities for better, more informed engagement between buyers and sellers. Buyers use the wealth of information available to them online to learn more about the products they’re interested in or sellers they interact with, and social channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are a huge piece of that. On the other side, sellers are using social channels to learn more about their customers and prospects and source new leads.

Microsoft Social Engagement empowers sales teams to sell more by leveraging social media through personalized, actionable smart recommendations from the newly released Social Selling Assistant. Social Selling Assistant, available through Microsoft AppSource, leverages the power of Azure Machine Learning to recommend content to share and keep you informed about your company, competitors, or customers on social. Best of all, Social Selling Assistant’s built-in intelligence and integration with the Dynamics 365 for Sales application means it takes only a few minutes each day for your sellers to build a credible social presence and learn what’s top-of-mind for customers.

Identify prospects and generate new leads

With artificial intelligence and machine learning, social media posts become leads through Microsoft Social Engagement and Dynamics 365 for Sales. We’ve developed the technology to detect intent in any social media post, with purchase intent being one indicator sellers can capitalize on. Machine learning trains the application to identify incoming posts with purchase intent, and feedback refines the results over time so they’re tailored for your organization. Instead of wasting time manually sorting through social media noise, posts can be automatically routed as leads into the Sales application, meaning your sales team doesn’t lose time switching back and forth between multiple applications and can address opportunities quickly.

Care for customers on whichever channel they choose

Like sales, the customer service process is more complex than ever, with phone, email, chat, and social all in the mix of channels your customers can choose to reach out. And with criticisms and complaints being so visible on social channels, what used to be a simple customer service issue now has the potential to become a major PR problem if an angry tweet reaches the right people. Customers expect a response to social media questions and complaints about service issues (many of them looking for that response in less than 24 hours), and many organizations face a great challenge in mounting a full-scale, omni-channel customer service team that can support these growing media.

Simplify service with intelligence

Microsoft Social Engagement enables effective omni-channel care by simplifying the process for service agents. From automatic intent detection for information requests, support requests, and complaints to smart sentiment and the ability to automatically route social posts as cases, agents can focus on delivering excellent customer service in a timely manner. If information requests, support requests and complaints aren’t the right categories for your organization, Microsoft Social Engagement offers the ability to create custom tags for categories that matter most to your team, and a few manual categorizations up front allow machine learning to start working, automatically tagging and routing the posts in your custom categories to Dynamics 365 for Customer Service to be resolved, or assigning them for triage right from Microsoft Social Engagement.

Not every word or phrase has the same connotation for each organization (think: the idea of a “kill” for a video game could be positive, while it has negative meaning in most other contexts), so while sentiment tagging in MSE is automated for 19 languages, it also operates with the same machine learning capabilities as intent and tagging—a little bit of feedback helps tailor the solution to your needs. With these capabilities, it’s easy for service agents to focus on the social posts that matter most without getting distracted by false positives.

Sales, Service, and Social with the power of Dynamics 365

Microsoft Social Engagement is included with most Dynamics 365 Application and Plan subscriptions at no extra cost, so everyone in your organization can have better, more personalized engagement with customers on social media.

Learn More

Curious about how social can change the way you engage with customers on your digital transformation journey? Learn more about Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s next generation of intelligent business applications that unify CRM and ERP capabilities, enabling your organization to grow, evolve and transform to meet the needs of your customers and capture new opportunities.

Credit for this content goes to Elisabeth Michaud of Microsoft. She is a Product Marketing Manager for Dynamics 365, focusing on Social Engagement. Elisabeth focuses on telling the story of Microsoft Social Engagement, as well as social media functionality across all of Dynamics 365. She brings years of experience in the social media sector, including roles as a social media marketing and community manager and product marketer for a social analytics application at Hootsuite

As a Microsoft partner, we are the boots in the field and trenches with you. contact us today for a discovery session with your stakeholders and business unit heads to look at your road-map and agree on a roll out plan from the areas of priority and quick wins .

Contact us for a further discussion.

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Video Banking : The next chapter in Bank’s digital transformation! Ain’t we lagging behind as usual?


In Q1 2016, Efma, a not-for-profit association of 3,300 retail financial services companies in more than 130 countries, and Vidyo, a leading visual collaboration provider Vidyo conducted a series of Think Tank meetings to understand the role that video banking plays in the digital transformation of banks. Sixty-three banking professionals from 24 countries participated in the meetings.
Additional quantitative data was collected regarding attitudes toward video banking via an online survey that was conducted in Q1 2016.Respondents included 136 bankers from 52 countries. This report consolidates the outcomes of these two activities and integrates primary information gathered from Vidyo’s experience in implementing video banking systems with banks around the globe.

The results of our survey strongly suggest that video bank solutions would be a welcome addition to existing options, with 93 percent of survey participants responding that they felt video banking would have a “Positive” or “Strongly Positive” impact on customer satisfaction.

This indication of consumer enthusiasm and high level of interest in video banking makes perfect sense considering how today’s free video conferencing apps such as Google Hangouts, Skype and Facetime are being embraced by the general public as a trusted and effective means of communication. The time is now for the widespread adoption of video banking…..” culled from a publication from Vidyo and Efma.

Bringing it back home they also stated that  “When customers and bank staff engage in banking transactions or consultations through remote video collaboration sessions, there seems to be an obvious solution as it offers more convenience to customers, since they can make their transactions from the comfort of their homes instead of traveling to the bank.

Video Banking 1

A choice not available for non-resident Nigerians and like they rightly pointed based on the trends and adoption , the time is now! Providing live online video interaction to your customers enriches the customer journey and builds trust and brand loyalty. Using the VidyoWorks API’s and contact center reference design, We can video enable your high value client services in as little as a few weeks, without in-house video technology expertise. Ease of use and convenience flatten the adoption curve.
Employees are quickly proficient and there’s no intimidation factor for clients to interact over video. They simply click, join and have highly personal and effective interactions with your organization’s customer care professionals.

Vidyo banking 2

Video banking enables new and valuable engagement opportunities, such as the ability to include people who would not be able to attend in-person meetings, like remote subject matter experts or customer family members.

Verifiable Banking references according to the publication by Vidyo:  put Video Banking as the next best thing in Banking. Please read on:

“One successful early adopter of online video banking is IndusInd Bank, one of the fastest growing next-generation private sector banks in India. Induslnd launched their Video Branch service in June 2014, and made it available to their customers via desktop and mobile devices.
IndusInd Bank customers are now able to connect with their branch manager, relationship manager or with a centralized video branch executive. Patrons of the bank who are not residents of India are also able to experience this personalized video banking service from outside the country.


“Our Video Branch ‘face-to-face’ online banking customer service, powered by Vidyo, is the next frontier of banking and brings our branch managers and centralized banking services closer to our customers with highly personal interaction. VidyoWorksTM is the only solution that could deliver on the promise of high quality connectivity from any location, on any device over any network and we are pleased to offer this very high-quality, easy to use service to our customers.”…….. Romesh Sobt (Managing Director and CEO,IndusInd Bank).

The offering encompasses all banking services that had previously been only available via IndusInd Bank Phone Banking. Additionally, Bank customers can choose to make other kinds of financial transactions such as opting for fixed deposits or recurring deposits, or transferring funds through NEFT and RTGS.
The Induslnd Bank launch was supported by an extensive nationwide advertising campaign and the new service is now positioned as a key innovation, creating a competitive advantage for the bank. Since the launch, IndusInd had seen a
massive ramp-up of the service and by mid-2015 the system was supporting 1,000 daily video calls and experiencing higher than 65 percent repeat usage.

Vidyo office.png

Also see the extract on another Video banking reference : “Barclays Bank. To provide a new, secure, video-based service so that their customers could engage in banking activities wherever and whenever, Barclays Retail Bank launched its Video Anywhere service in the U.K. in December 2014. Today, in addition to the availability of bank representatives in a growing number of Barclays branches, the 24/7 service offers customers to speak to a video banker that can be accessed via smartphone, tablet or computer at a time and place convenient to them. At Barclays, video banking has become a powerful tool in deepening relationships with Clients and Customer; allowing multiple video bankers to be in one place enabling quick and easy sharing of best practice whilst also providing workforce flexibility without the constraints of the traditional Retail Network operating times.
The Barclays Video Anywhere service, initially offered only to Barclays Premier customers, will soon be available to the broader Barclays customer base. The phased roll out over the next 6 months targeting specific customer profiles such as frequent retail network users, digitally savvy but nervous adopters and
customers with accessibility requirements”.

Simon Separghan, Director of Global Contact Centres & Omni Channels of Barclays Retail Bank was also quoted in this report that “Customers continue to demand human touch and empathy and there is significant benefit to provide not only a voice, but a face of Barclays. The majority of our customers who experienced video banking now demand that their future servicing activity takes place via a video interaction. And If I take a like-for-like servicing request via traditional telephony vs. video banking, the NPS is almost double. It has incredible value for us as an organization.”

Scimitar Global Services Limited (SGSL) in partnership with Vidyo and Granteq is offering  Video Banking solution to Banks in Nigeria and all players in the financial services industry to leverage this technology to add a face to face interaction in addition to the existing channels to maintain customer loyalty, trust and satisfaction which all assures revenue.  So feel free to contact us immediately for a demo and next steps. Our Business consultants will be very glad to come and and show the benefits of Video engagement in Banking. We strongly believe that adding video will reduce fraud.

Please drop your details below:

Credit to Efma_Vidyo_Banking _Report

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Add Video to your contact center engagement and relationship management channels at no cost to your customers!


Would you consider adding Video to your contact center engagement and relationship management at no cost to your customer?

Would you want to add a personal touch to relationship management and contact center operations to elevate customer-agent/relationship officer & manager’s interaction at no cost to the customer?

Have you considered that with the trends and advent of budding cashless market, digital and omni-channel service delivery season that some customers may be more comfortable with a face to face alternative without visiting your branch or store or office location?

Vidyo home

If Yes, Scimitar Global Services Limited (SGSL) in partnership with Granteq and Vidyo is offering a reliable and easy to use video engagement solution both enterprises, mid-market businesses as an additional channel to customer engagement. This adds a human face to the calls and chats!  and we believe it will benefit all even our fellow citizens in diaspora who may need to access products and services  like financial , retail , legal etc


Video engagement from Vidyo provides a personal touch to relationship management and contact center operations to elevate customer/agent/relation manager’s interaction. With communications and understanding improved through the use of video, agents and relationship managers can resolve tickets quicker, increase net promoter score and effectively meet other KPIs. The ability to share desktop applications from both sides of the conversation improves up-sell opportunities, all while delivering an added level of collaboration to high value customer and agent interactions. It transitions a voice, chat, and webpage interaction into a true Omni channel experiences at no cost to the end customer.

This experience is easily accessible from one of the following scenarios: webchat escalation of video, voice escalation to video, and click to video chat from webpage or mobile applications. Unlike other solutions, Vidyo delivers a high quality end user experience, regardless of available bandwidth. Providing content sharing, and the options to begin a video chat directly on a webpage without downloads or plugins, including multiparty video conferencing.

We now believe that a lot of consumers prefer self-service and can even pick up their phones and call their account managers, but when they need assistance, seeing and dealing with a person face-to face is best especially when the person is not within reach. Facial expressions and body language increase understanding to move quickly through a Simple sales process, and video conferencing is the most efficient way to achieve this goal.

Our video based customer engagement solution is designed  to service e clients and manage interactions  directly over video, thereby

  • improving net promoter scores
  • will Improve customer satisfaction,
  • increase revenue, and
  • reduce customer churn with high quality video Benefits

Vidyo helps agents, relationship officers and managers do their jobs better. Service organizations are able to add personal touches to high value requester and as fulfillers are able to escalate to video straight from contact center portal and other different forms with single click. This results in quicker first call resolution times, from visual trouble shooting and improved understanding through video. Plus the ability to multiparty video chat with an expert increases accuracy of calls, and streamlines issue mitigation.

With Vidyo, agents can support “See What I See” experiences for field service technicians or home consumers using network resilient video from smart phones, smart glasses and tablets. The agent will see the Vidyo call displayed in the familiar application and will be able to easily manage the video interaction, while also maintaining cases and incidents on Vidyo-based interactions.

Vidyo banking 2

The results of video-enabled field services are numerous:

  • a visual connection develops deeper customer relationships,
  • drives higher First Call Resolution rates (FCR),
  • reduce Average Handling Time (AHT),
  • increases operational efficiency and
  • provides a tangible competitive edge.

Thanks to a Vidyo’s API integration, it is now possible for Vidyo enabled contact centers, help desks portals and other applications to leverage market leading solutions and value-added services.  Video calls will be seamlessly integrated into the audio recording system, allowing the same monitoring, training and analysis applied to other communication channels to be applied to video engagement.

So if you are interested in adding video to your customer engagement. Kindly drop a note below and schedule  demo with our team in Lagos , Nigeria.

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Adding Chatbots to your Customer Engagements: The Benefits…

Corporate_Chatbots.jpgIf you run a business where you communicate with masses, chatbots can add value to interactions with your audience. Let’s go over the most important and beneficial aspects of chatbots to business for improvement of customer engagement:

  • Chatbots can be used for customer satisfaction. Problem solving conversations and effective guidance & assistance will have the positive effect on customer relations.
  • The digital age’s customers love personalization. So chatbots give them one-on-one communication chances they look for. These types of customers will feel closer to the brand if they are treated as “individuals”.robot-type.jpg
  • A chatbot provides real time and instant interactions. It can be used as the fastest response channel when communicating with the customers. This can lead to time and cost savings.
  • Due to their flexible infrastructure, chatbots can be easily integrated with other channels that brands use to improve engagement. For example, a customer can start a conversation about a reservation with the chatbot and then can be leaded to an online purchase page easily.
  • A chatbot itself is an active data collector on customer behaviors. Thus, scalable and better manageable communication can be constructed based on this meaningful data derived from real time conversations with the customers.
  • Experiences are enriched with the active involvements of brand ambassadors. You may consider chatbots as brand representatives that have a real time interactions with the customers. Adding an interactive channel to your system will provide another alternative for your audience.

Scimitar Global Services Limited in partnership with ODC  is offering  SmartMessage Marketing Platform – An Omnichannel platform (email, SMS,push,social media,chatbots…) for your business.

Click here to Book for a demo with our team on SmartMessage Marketing Platform but you can just try the facebook SMConnect banking BOT from your facebook profile.  We are available for further scoping session and implementation if you are happy with it. Chatbots-pic

Use key words : “creditcard”, “complaints”, “Autoloan” , “Transfer”, “Balance” etc.

You are not required to install any app! Just click and chatbot!  Please remember its a BOT not a Human being

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How to Make Your Customers Follow You on Social Media

Wakeupsales Free Cloud CRM

How to Make Your Customers Follow You on Social Media

Everyone loves a sudden response. And if you combine ‘friendly/easy’ attitude with it, it’s the recipe for success. With the unprecedented growth of social media, it has become easier for companies to offer top notch customer support/service to all the users/customers. Social media presence is no more just an option for any consumer companies. If I am not wrong, it has already become the most favorite medium for communication between B2C.

Once you’re already on social media, what next? Creating a loyal customer base is the key. You need to build a crowd that loves you & have the capability to give you revenue in return.

It’s something that takes a lot of effort, but it’s certainly gettable. Here are a few points which will help you in doing so:

Show Your Human Side

People tend to interact more with real human beings rather than interacting with a robot. Show…

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No. 1 Online Bus Booking Automation Software for Transport Management

Ticket 1.jpgHave you noticed that our transportation companies now sell tickets online and mobile apps. They are even marketing on social media, connecting with customers on a daily basis. I was really impressed when i got to God is Good Motors and was told i could book my ticket on online and days before too with a mobile. I tried it and it worked. Armed with my online ticket and ETD, I showed up like a checked-in passenger about to board a flight.

But that is for two or three known transport companies like Chisco and one earlier mentioned and i cannot confirm today how customers fare with them and their technologies. Maybe you can help tell us. Initially it was a carbonated ticket which must be filled by the ticketing agent and then issued to the traveler at the booking station before boarding. The story about the chaos during festive seasons will be over emphasized if we go into it.

With the new trends, first it was ABC Transport  and their coaches who took off with a transport management software and then others followed. Then the Hummer Bus revolution that took over the roads. One major transportation company can have over 200 Hiace buses and  all  we can imagine is the stress of managing these services manually, issuing hand – written tickets as against having an automated system to  manage and track all the business areas from a central location with real-time reports and accounting to management.

Transport companies need to continuously up their games and be proactive with the changing environment and leverage customer behaviour statistics to strategically keep them happy and loyal without compromising quality. This can only happen if they leverage technology for their business to avoid some of these problems we have outlined here:

  • managing ticketing manually
  • Customers loosing loyalty on your services
  • Loosing track of collections
  • Loosing track on occupancy status
  • Overbooking by agents
  • Excessive phone bills
  • Messed up reservation charts
  • Difficulty in communicating with customers and agents or Branches
  • Not knowing which route is profitable
  • Not able to book tickets from remote offices
  • Not able to provide tracking status of the bus to Customer
  • Not being able to provide tracking status of Bus to Driver
  • No realtime historical reports for management for fast decision making

With the above problems taken care off, be assured of customer loyalty which guarantees revenue.  Another i issue i have experienced is poor queue management. click here  for a unique queue management and appointment setting solution.

Scimitar Global Services Limited( SGSL) in partnership Bitla Software is introducing its NO 1 Simplified Bus Operator Management Solution for Transportation Businesses in Nigeria, that provides  a Centralized Reservation System connecting all branches, agents, passengers and all online portals with flexible coach layouts, dynamic variable tariffs, easy scheduling of the services and with complete Accounting capabilities and lots more.

ticket 2.png

This is Ticket Simply comes:

  1. FULLY Managed & Hosted, Completely Backed up for HA and redundancy ,
  2. Highly customizable for best fit,
  3. Horizontally Scalable and Reliable,
  4. Secure and ready to use solution.
  5. Supported by an innovative team dedicated 24×7 to ensure the success & growth of your business.

Ticket Simply3.jpg

Routes & Schedules

Flexible configurations with multi-hop, multi-station, connecting bus & round trip for owned, tie-up to/from, leased to/from arrangements. Dynamic Rate Cards & Route Maps for better Yield Management. Control bookings on Schedule by channel with one click start/stop.acount

Ticket Simply4

CRS, Bookings, Charts & Passengers

Manage & drive Bookings from multiple channels centrally with CRS, digital Passenger charts, SMS/m-Checkin, specials for loyal Passengers. On the go – on boarding of the customers digitally and with No Shows handled for rebookings and road side pick up bookings.

Sales & Marketing

Analytics driven yield management, tariffs management, automated Campaigns to drive passenger engagement and loyalty.

Ticket Simply6.jpg

Branches & Agents

Manage Multiple branches, users and agents securely with configurable roles & privileges. Agents operated as Online, Offline with Pre/Post paid options and automated payments controls.

Our customer  experience is number 1.

ticket simply refernces

Business Intelligence & Finances

Stay on top of the Business with BI App and control your finances from anywhere. Intelligence on Occupancy, Profitability, Revenues, Routes Performance & Insights, Price Prediction, Passenger Booking Trends, Loss of Occupancy and more

Are running a transport company and need to stay on top and control your finances from all your locations. Book a demo with us now.

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Interact with customers where they spend their time! #CHATBOT

Smart message

Have you heard of Chatbots?  I guess yes! On the flip side, you may have interacted with one without knowing as a lot of businesses have started taking their messaging to another level with Chatbots. Facebook, Microsoft and some e-commerce businesses have chatbots interacting with you everyday as customer representatives powered by Artificial intelligence.

The benefits of Chatbots to businesses are lots, from enhancing service by supporting customers interaction like we would with humans to payments collections from all channels. They are also cheaper and more efficient. Chatbots has been tipped to revolutionize conversational commerce in the nearest future and we are encouraging businesses to consider leveraging them as part of their wider business strategy.

According to “A chatbot (also known as a talkbot, chatterbot, Bot, chatterbox, Artificial Conversational Entity) is a computer program which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods. Such programs are often designed to convincingly simulate how a human would behave as a conversational partner, thereby passing the Turing test. Chatterbots are typically used in dialog systems for various practical purposes including customer service or information acquisition.

CHATBOTS hand pix.pptxSome chatterbots use sophisticated natural language processing systems, but many simpler systems scan for keywords within the input, then pull a reply with the most matching keywords, or the most similar wording pattern, from a database.”

“Chatbots are here and their impact on the business landscape is prominently visible. The technical challenges to build a bot and deploy it have been overcome already and the focus has now shifted towards the bot’s behavior.  Chatbots need to function on a higher level than simply providing information to users or customers.  For this, the chatbot needs to project a personality that has all of the endearing and personal qualities of a real person to provide an engaging experience for users”  Says- (Abhay Vohra Program Manager, Experience Design Net Solutions)

Wikipedia confirms further that ” Currently chatbots are widely used as part of instant messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and Kik for entertaining purposes as well as B2C marketing and customer service. Companies like Pizza Hut, Disney, Yamato’s Line and Whole Foods have launched their own chatbots to increase end customer engagement, promote their products and services, and give their customers a more convenient and easier way to order from them.”  See insert pitches by technology leaders about Chat bots and the future!

Microsoft boss CHATBOTSFacebook boss CHATBOTS

Scimitar Global Services Limited (SGSL) in partnership with ODC is introducing its “CHATBOT” as a new member in your sales , marketing and customer service teams. Chatbot is one of the omnichannels features of our SmartMessage Marketing Platform which is our all-in-one platform to orchestrate your digital marketing activities for your business.  SGSL SmartMessageMarketingPlatform_CHATBOTS

SmartMessage is an omni-channel marketing platform and campaign management tool designed to make companies connect with their target clients through e-mail, SMS, MMS, Social Media, Push Notification, IVN (text to speech), OTTs (Telegram, Messenger, Whatsapp etc) and other available channels; for sales and Marketing activities and also create customer loyalty through quality customer service.

SM platform

Through its flexible substructure, SmartMessage enables management of any of campaigns to be carried out via entire alternative distribution and sales channels such as call center, web and kiosk, by integration made thereon.

shift to CHATBOTS.jpg Our SmartMessage solution integrates with third-party applications like Dynamics 365  and other CRM solutions as well as social to give you a 360 degree view of your  activities via reliable historical reports on devices of choice.


So book a demo today for our  SmartMessage Marketing Platform – Omnichannel platform (email,sms,push,social media,chatbots).  Kindly drop your details so that we can connect with you immediately.

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Leveraging technology to market your MSME business at very low budget!

nasme 1

It was a wonderful session during our Smart Business Solutions Workshop with fellow entrepreneurs, Business owners and members of NASME LAGOS. The Microsoft team was also very supportive as they welcomed us warmly in their beautiful office with so much ambiance.  No wonder they are tagged one of the”Great places to work”  in Nigeria. To think of it.  Bill Gates and Paul Allen were entrepreneurs in the 70’s. A small business that has grown to a world world wide brand. That’s something for us Entrepreneurs to think about!

Appreciation to Mrs. Remilekun Olowu of Microsoft,  who handled the welcome address.

nasme 3.jpeg

Tope Bello of Microsoft was also very kind to grace the session and spoke  on  the Microsoft cloud vision  and the importance of leveraging Microsoft cloud technology for business to make money, enhance business brand and maintain good market share.

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-13 at 16.50.22 (2)

We brainstormed and analyzed  all the challenges we could muster and as many as our white board could occupy; experienced by Medium,  Small and Micro   Enterprises (MSME) in Nigeria.  We also listed the technologies  available to us entrepreneurs today, with emphasis on leveraging them as  dangling-right-before-our-noses low hanging fruits like your phone!  Yes that your  phone!  That’s a mobile  advertising tool and not for selfies alone. It is very important that we understand the need to use what we have to market our brand.  Funds for marketing as a small and medium enterprise is hard to come by now especially in this recession and to get a loan, grant or other investment support requires one meeting a native doctor’s demand for an eagle’s egg, the teeth of an ant and a tooth of a life lion.

So we need to look inwards and see some other tools  and services within reach like our  GSM phones and data,  laptop, tablets, social media (Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram and  LinkedIn) to market our businesses.

Nasme TPM tech options slide.jpg

We need to reduce our Social media activities around the government, President Buhari this and that, EFCC this and That.  corruption here, recovered loot there and channel more efforts to pushing our brands with these tools. I am not saying they are not important or worthy causes but i think the time spent on that may be better spent on pushing your products and services like the big brands out there. There are on social media too pushing even with all the money they have.         As a Chelsea FC fan, i had Chelsea brand on all my social media walls. I have a lot of people connecting with me on that level even till today. I also posted on the government and all. One day i thought about it. Will the recovered loot get to me? Will Chelsea give me a part of their money from tickets et al? My answers to these pertinent questions were all capital “NO”. What if the discussion is about Scimitar Global Services? Why can’t my pages be an additional business touch point for pushing my brand, selling my products and services? As a Business Solutions/ Sales & Marketing professional, who practiced marketing management and has been pushing company brands over the years as an employee, i slapped myself and started making changes and i advise you to do same, if you haven’t. For the records am still #foreverBlue! 

I also shared with the participants, the importance of  Four “P”s of marketing as it applies to  smallRewrite-the-Ps-of-marketing and medium Enterprises and the activities around the “P”s required to push a brand. As an Entrepreneur and Business Owner you MUST understand the four P’s of Marketing  and it has nothing to do with running around begging the customers with your product in hand!  You have to create the right Product , Promote it at the right Price through the right channels(Place).

These are the 4 P’s of Marketing.  We finished the session with a charge. See the screen shot.Nasme TPM charge

As a Microsoft Partner, Scimitar Global Services Limited (SGSL) can help your MSME Business with modern business tool to support your plan and strategies at low cost relative to your business.  We will show you activities to help push your brand. So do contact us today for a chat on helping you or your employees to market your business leveraging  budget friendly technologies available to you.

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“[Chinedum!], If you do not have a vision of your own, you will live the rest of your life helping other people to fulfill their own.. “

Just thought I should share an exert from my coach. Today’s topic was “Vision  brings provision” The KO for me was “Chinedum, since I found out where I am going in life, it has made recognizing opportunities cheap for me. If you do not have a vision of your own, you will live the rest of your life helping other people to fulfill their own. So get a clear picture for your life and the provisions will come running in.

You will succeed!

Sam Adeyemi

Sam Adeyemi Coaching Programme”

Hmmm,  I actually said a big “AMEN”  to that prayer and did the needful. A #Doing I should have done 3 years ago. But a lot was on my mind and at stake, my health was impacted by stress from all ends and tops was the fear of the unknown . Life is just not fair.  It is really funny that a man will slave for his fellow man for years on end as an employee and the employer has no plans even to pay your pensions and commissions as stated in black and white. It is really worse for those who don’t have a choice but one thing I learnt from Business Management school  with professor Oribabor is to keep exploring and searching for your alternative cheese sources or one day you will wake up and ask the question on the lovely management book “WHO MOVED MY CHEESE? “.  

On the flip side, “A little whistle might do the job”.. , the cat meowed to my hearing but I have a policy not to burn bridges. However,  I think some bridges may need  to be burnt to create a better world for the next generation. It is biblical that you have to cut off some relationships sometimes. We will use the firewood from the burnt bridge to cook or roast ram suya and a burn fire depending on the size of the bridge! 

Just some random musing…… Wishing you a fruitful week ahead. 

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Improve the average dialing and handling time(AHT) of your contact center agents’ with our Predictive Dialer (PD).

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What is a Predictive Dialer?
A Predictive Dialer automates outbound calling procedure while managing multiple campaigns and leads. With a predictive dialer, the productivity of any contact center can be increased by more than 300% over manual dialing. The predictive dialer is a smart communication device that can detect answering machines, SIT tones, and busy tones; eliminate dialing, redialing and response time, and forward only the live connected calls to the customer service agent. This helps minimize agent idle time and thus garner optimal efficiency from the business resources.pd-insert.jpg

In a manual dialing process, calling up thousands of prospects and tracking information pertaining to each customer becomes a very tedious job. The complications increase when more than 60% of the calls are responded to by an answering machine, or with a busy signal. Adding up the wrong numbers, dialing and response time, number of redials in this figure, we are left with an average talk time of mere 10–15 minutes per hour. Now also considering low prospect-to-customer conversion ratios as well, this directly translates to loss of productive time.
Tracking agent interactions is not possible in a manual dialing process. Also excluding the numbers subscribed to Do-not-Call lists, and contacts who do not wish to be called at certain times of the day becomes a pain point.

Automation becomes a necessity for managing various call lists and reaching out to as many prospects as possible by reducing agent idle time. Optimal productivity can be
achieved only by deploying the right technology to replace the tedious manual
dialing processes.

Scimitar Global Services Limited in partnership with Drishti Soft OEM of Ameyo Contact Center Software, an All-in-one suite, robust and dynamic contact center platform  that can enable your business to serve your customers in fastest time possible. Our Contact Center solution is designed to be highly flexible and scalable as per business requirements, providing the following key benefits:

  • Ability to quickly meet customer demands
  • Lower costs associated with the acquisition and maintenance of technology
  • Management of business functionality closer to the business units
  • Leverages existing investments in technology

The all-in-one integrated software and IP-based technology simplifies the IT infrastructure. It is extensible and allow for constant innovation to uplift of business processes in order to implement industry best practices. So you


Here are some features of  our advanced predictive dialer solution:

  1. Complete automation of outbound
  2.  Machine learning–based Learnsys™
  3. Predictive Dialing Algorithm
  4. Dynamic call pacing
  5. Only live calls are forwarded to the
  6. Rule-based dialing
  7. Predictive/Preview/Progressive Dialing
  8. Minimizes agent idle time
  9. High AMD
  10. SIT tones, busy signals detection
  11. Integration with multiple minute
  12. Easy integration with third party CRM like Microsoft Dynamics 365,
    database and other applications

The dialer successfully meets the requirements of any kind of outbound campaign (telemarketing and sales, collections) to be run at optimum levels with low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), ease-of-use, and deployment flexibility. Its hybrid capability to work
seamlessly with VoIP, as well as TDM-based technology, allows it to function with any type of underlying network infrastructure.
Architected for high extensibility, it allows you to integrate additional features (generic or process specific) for current as well as future requirements. Moreover, it works seamlessly with any third-party components (CRM, telephony equipment, third-party software). It can be deployed across multiple locations or sites, and can be scaled up effortlessly to incorporate any process requirement.

Contact us today for more on the solution, a presentation and demo of our solution for our consultants to come in and sit with your team to match it with your pain points to solutions we offers for improved service delivery to your customers.