Contact Center Solution

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Our Contact center Solutions are robust and dynamic contact center platforms that enables businesses to serve their customers in fastest time possible. Our all-in-one integrated software and IP-based technology simplifies the IT infrastructure. They are extensible and allow for constant innovation to uplift of business processes in order to implement industry best practices.


The following features are supported:

  • Inbound and Outbound calls
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)value21.jpg
  • Intelligent Routing – Skills based routing
  • Voice Mail
  • Self Service/Voice Portal (IVR)
  • Voice Recording
  • Unified Administration
  • Enterprise Monitor
  • Barge
  • Unified Reporting
  • Quality Scoring
  • Unified Agent Desktop
  • Video engagement
  • Social media engagement

Our Contact center solutions is designed to be highly flexible and scalable as per business requirements, providing the following key benefits:agent1

  • Ability to quickly meet customer demands
  • Lower costs associated with the acquisition and maintenance of technology
  • Management of business functionality
  • closer to the business units
  • Leverages existing investments in technology


Scimitar Global Services has entered into partnership with leading OEMs like Dhristi Soft, Avaya and Fonality to support our contact center deployment with consideration of customer variety of needs and budget.

Our solutions are also designed to fit your contact center road map and budget.  We also offer our contact center technology as a service in our lease option where you spread payments to own.

So contact us to explore our Contact center lease offer that gives you the opportunity to turn your Capital expenditure into Operating expenditure, allowing you to manage your funds while you also own ad use a state of the art Contact center application.

Please drop your details here for our solutions consultant to contact you immediately to discuss your needs.