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The entrepreneur and ICT

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“Entrepreneurship has traditionally been defined as the process of designing, launching and running a new business, which typically begins as a small business, such as a start up company , offering a product, process or service for sale or hire. The people who create these businesses are called entrepreneurs. It has been defined as the “capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit. While definitions of entrepreneurship typically focus on the launching and running of businesses, due to the high risk involved in launching a start-up, a significant proportion of businesses have to close, due to “lack of funding, bad business decisions, an economic crisis – or a combination of all of these or due to lack of market demand. In the 2000s, the definition of “entrepreneurship” expanded to explain how and why some individuals (or teams) identify opportunities, evaluate them as viable and then decide to exploit them, whereas others do not and, in turn, how entrepreneurs use these opportunities to develop new products or services, launch new firms or even new industries and create wealth. Recent advances stress the fundamentally uncertain nature of the entrepreneurial process, because although opportunities exist their existence cannot be discovered or identified prior to their actualization into profits. What appears as a real opportunity ex ante might actually be a non-opportunity or one that cannot be actualized by entrepreneurs lacking the necessary business skills, financial or social capital.”… ( credit to Wikipedia)

One thing i want to add here is the part of the entrepreneur and ICT. Entrepreneurs are recognized as important drivers of economic and social progress, and rapidly growing entrepreneurial enterprises are viewed as important sources of innovation, employment and growth. That innovation today is definitely tied to technology.

As entrepreneurs and business owners we must continue bridge the gaps and reduce the challenges within our business environment with technology available to us today.  I really like the way Fate Foundation put it on their blog : ”  From the fish seller downtown at the market putting calls through to her suppliers, notifying them of her depleting stock; to the shoe-maker at the corner of a street calling customers to inform them of their ready-to-pick-up shoes; to the dressmaker who uses messaging apps and social media platforms to display and sell her products; and the working professional who orders lunch from online food delivery companies, technology with the added benefit of the internet and various information & communication technology tools is gradually becoming an integral  part of the Nigerian business environment and our lives.”

The increase in mobile phone access and the introduction of smartphones have also increased access to the internet on the go. Just a few years ago, you had to visit an internet cafe to gain access to the internet. Today, it is not uncommon to see people standing on the street or sitting in a waiting room buried in their phones either responding to emails, visiting social networking sites or getting official work done from their different communication gadgets.” …(credit to Fate Foundation :How ICT Is Influencing the Rise of Entrepreneurship in Nigeria)

I just couldn’t think of a better way to put better. So i will leave it there and thus continue to point us entrepreneurs to the dangling-right-before-our-noses low hanging fruits, like your phone!  Yes that your  Smart phone!  That’s a mobile  advertising tool and not for selfies and chats alone. It is very important that we understand the need to use what we have to market our brand.  Funds for marketing as a small and medium enterprise is hard to come by now especially in this recession.  Have you tried to get a loan, grant or other investment support , it can be likened to one going to meet a native doctor when his demand will be an eagle’s egg, the teeth of an ant and the tooth of a life lion.  Not until now that Lagos State Government through its LSETF is giving out loans at single digits to entrepreneurs. The first ! And i hope other states will do same.  Nigeria Association of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises NASME Lagos is also helping entrepreneurs  who are members like me to process the LSETF grants. So contact NASME here +234 813 833 3998. Remember to say you got this information from Scimitar Global Services Limited( SGSL). We are a member of the Faculty.

So we need to look inwards and see some other tools  and services within reach like our GSM phones and Internet data,  laptops, tablets, social media (Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram and  LinkedIn) to market our businesses.

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We need to reduce our Social media activities around the government, President Buhari this and that, EFCC this and That.  corruption here, recovered loot there and channel more efforts to pushing our brands with these tools. I am not saying they are not important or worthy causes but i think the time spent on that may be better spent on pushing your products and services like the big brands out there. They are on social media too pushing even with all the money they have.

We also need to understand the importance of  Four “P”s of marketing as it applies to  smallRewrite-the-Ps-of-marketing and medium Enterprises and the activities around the “P”s required to push a brand. As an Entrepreneur and Business Owner you MUST understand the four P’s of Marketing  and it has nothing to do with running around begging the customers with your product in hand!  You have to create the right Product , Promote it at the right Price through the right channels(Place).

These are the 4 P’s of Marketing.  We finished the session with a charge. See the screen shot.

Nasme TPM charge

As a Microsoft Partner in MSME and Mid market business, Scimitar Global Services Limited (SGSL) can help your MSME Business with modern business tools to support your plans and strategies at low cost relative to your business.

We are offering consulting services to Ignite your business with our Smart Business Solutions.  So register below for our Smart MSME Business round table coming up in July. Let us strategize with you on how you to leverage Smart Business tools to automate and market your business for more customers and more revenue. We are offering you some promos for the first 20 sign-ups for our sessions this month and the next with:

  • Discounted Business class email
  • Discounted Website design and hosting
  • Free consultancy
  • Discount on Digital marketing
  • Discount on CAC registration if your business is not registered.

We will show you activities to help push your brand. So do contact us today for a chat on how to empower you or your employees to market your business, leveraging  budget friendly technologies available to you.  For the promo please click here 

You can also leave your details below. We will contact you.

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Microsoft Modern Business Solutions, Small Business

Basic Services An Entrepreneur needs for His/Her Business!

Office business

Are you:

  • a Start up business in Nigeria with no online presence and registered business name?
  • An existing Small & Medium and Enterprise Business (Professional services etc.) still using free email service and cracked office applications.
  • a Mid-market Business (Micro-finance Banks, Insurance, Pensions, retail, Securities, travels, fashion, big shops, etc.)

You need a budget friendly bundled business application that includes some or all the following :

  1. A business name registration with CAC (sole proprietorship, Limited liability company) within 4 weeks
  2. Your Website ( domain registration and email hosting: www.yourcompany.com )
  3. Business class email : yourname@yourcompany.com
  4. Original Microsoft office application (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One note, etc)Smart business on devices.jpg
  5. Collaboration and file sharing from anywhere, any device anytime
  6. One Terabyte of 99.9% money backed secure Cloud Storage for all your documents, pictures etc.
  7. Social Media Engagement
  8. Calendar Management
  9. Contact center ( Optional)
  10. Customer Relationship Management (optional)
  11. IT Management (Required but also optional)


We understand that small, medium and even mid-market businesses don’t always have the luxury of a massive budget focused solely on technology like  the  bigger Enterprises. They are  focused on the perceived more important technologies for their core business and processes and manually trying to run the business profitably and meeting all the numerous tidbits that require attention.

The truth is that manually managing businesses is actually more expensive and cumbersome because your business is lacking in some key areas somehow, if you don’t have any of the above listed tools. That is why we are encouraging you to sign up for our modern business solution for your business.

These are smart business tools that are tailored to meet the demands of small and medium businesses, giving them the leverage to use same technology big enterprises are using with same results but at very low cost compared to the latter.


Using professional business applications from Scimitar Global Services Limited (SGSL) tells potential customers that you’re serious about business. For example, you can impress your prospects by inviting them to a collaborative online meeting where you can review your latest proposal with them instead of incurring cost of going to their office. With our state-of-the-art but easy-to-use collaboration, mail, and messaging services, you can set yourself apart from organizations that use free or ad-supported services. A custom domain name further enhances your branding, and includes design tools to easily create a professional, public-facing website in minutes.

With Office 365, you get pay-as-you-go pricing options that give you predictability and flexibility for your business. Office 365 also offers great flexibility by allowing you to easily provide users with only the services they need, cost-effectively adding value to your business.

Contact us immediately for a business name registration and a requirement gathering session with our solutions consultants. We will find a comfortable solution that meets your business needs.

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Twitter: http://twitter.com/scimitargsl

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/scimitarglobalserviceslimited

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Microsoft Modern Business Solutions

Flexible pricing plans are now available for Microsoft Office 365 subscription in Nigeria. Call Scimitar Global Services Limited (SGSL) now and pay in Naira!


53592_Office2016_Email_01Business is better with Microsoft Office 365 as flexible pricing plans are now available in Nigeria. So now you can subscribe for Microsoft Office 365 through Scimitar Global Services Limited ( SGSL) and pay in Naira! And guess what, you don’t have to pay for a full year! Yes! it is now pay as you go while you:

  • Access files your from anywhere – online or offline: Access your files from anywhere on desktop, phone and tablet, online or offline. You and your employees can now be more productive from anywhere, even when there is no Wi-Fi or Internet connection.
  • Get monthly security updates and feature releases: Your sensitive business data in the cloud is protected with enterprise-grade security. You’ll always have the most secure version of Office – without the IT expense of patches and upgrades.
  • Use the web version of Office – with rich features: You get all-new Office 2016 apps, the web versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook with rich features, plus OneDrive cloud-based storage to manage all of your files.


All these and many more are available to your business if you call us today. So check out the our Microsoft Office 365 plan line up below and let us move you to the cloud! #CloudfirstMobilefirst   and remember in NAIRA!

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Drop your details so that our solution consultants can connect with you for a best fit analysis and solution.  Terms and conditions apply.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/scimitarglobalservices

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/10966281/