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Who we are and Why we are here!

Hi, my name is Chinedum Amachi , I am the MD/CEO of Scimitar Global Services Limited (SGSL).  I am a business solutions professional with over 12 years experience across Telecoms, ICT, BPO and engineering fields. wd.jpg I have worked with and led teams in accomplishing milestones in demanding environments.

Scimitar Global Services Limited (SGSL) was birth in December 2013 as one of the vessels to our treasure Island and we just set sail. Our voyage started officially in January  2016,  while I was in paid employment and by January 2017, I decided to go fully to grow the business to full potential. A decision i should have taken by January 2016.

Why am I here? Simply put, “To share value adding contets of our modern business solution to you”. So this is one of my “P” mixes; a channel to connect you with value adding contents on our modern business solutions for your business.

So I will be sharing best fit and value adding contents from SGSL about leveraging technology for your business as designed by our OEM partners. OEM actually stands for Original Equipment Manufacturers, the owners of the software application we carry.  I am hoping that you will see some value solutions that matches your pain points  and you will contact SGSL for scoping, implementation and support at it were.

Here are our value adding solutions to your business:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Sales force Automation, Complaints Management , Marketing management and Social Listening. )Microsoft 2.jpg


Contact Center Solution  (for Inquiries, complains management and Telemarketing)


Video Engagement Solution (conferencing, Online meeting , Diaspora support)

Video engagement 5.jpg

SmartMessaging Omni-marketing Platform ( SMS, email, Chat, social media)

SGSL SmartMessageMarketingPlatform_CHATBOTS

Queue Management Solution

Queue mgt1.jpg

Automated Transport Management Solutions (No 1 Online Bus Booking automation)

Ticket 1

As your systems Integrator and modern business solutions partner, i promise to provide you with technology driven solutions to improve your sales revenue and customer loyalty to your business and sector.  our model of engagement will give you more time to focus on your core business; facing other pressing needs for your satisfaction while we support you.

Our team of professionals (both local and foreign) are trained to look at the entire business and to design solutions that are specifically suited to your unique business needs within our technology and solutions space.

As the captain, my responsibilities are to launch, grow and support the SGSL brand, build business strategies and relationships with strategic direction, performance and sustainable development to maximize revenue generation for SGSL, our technology partners and you our customers.

Our vision is to be your to go-to partner for Microsoft Business Solutions and Contact Center applications. Contact us today :


For personnel development and training, please fee free to invite me for your strategic Sales and Marketing development sessions. nasme 1I am available for training services for your  sales,  marketing and customer service teams both at management and shop floor levels.

Values proposition in our training engagement are :

  • lead generation and Client relationship in sales and  marketing,
  • Corporate affairs and Administrative functions across target markets and businesses
  • Strategy development and management
  • Corporate Sales
  • Key account management
  • Customer relations and retention management
  • Problem solving strategy

I am a call away. Just dial 08035510280 or send a mail to

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Leveraging technology to market your MSME business at very low budget!

nasme 1

It was a wonderful session during our Smart Business Solutions Workshop with fellow entrepreneurs, Business owners and members of NASME LAGOS. The Microsoft team was also very supportive as they welcomed us warmly in their beautiful office with so much ambiance.  No wonder they are tagged one of the”Great places to work”  in Nigeria. To think of it.  Bill Gates and Paul Allen were entrepreneurs in the 70’s. A small business that has grown to a world world wide brand. That’s something for us Entrepreneurs to think about!

Appreciation to Mrs. Remilekun Olowu of Microsoft,  who handled the welcome address.

nasme 3.jpeg

Tope Bello of Microsoft was also very kind to grace the session and spoke  on  the Microsoft cloud vision  and the importance of leveraging Microsoft cloud technology for business to make money, enhance business brand and maintain good market share.

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-13 at 16.50.22 (2)

We brainstormed and analyzed  all the challenges we could muster and as many as our white board could occupy; experienced by Medium,  Small and Micro   Enterprises (MSME) in Nigeria.  We also listed the technologies  available to us entrepreneurs today, with emphasis on leveraging them as  dangling-right-before-our-noses low hanging fruits like your phone!  Yes that your  phone!  That’s a mobile  advertising tool and not for selfies alone. It is very important that we understand the need to use what we have to market our brand.  Funds for marketing as a small and medium enterprise is hard to come by now especially in this recession and to get a loan, grant or other investment support requires one meeting a native doctor’s demand for an eagle’s egg, the teeth of an ant and a tooth of a life lion.

So we need to look inwards and see some other tools  and services within reach like our  GSM phones and data,  laptop, tablets, social media (Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram and  LinkedIn) to market our businesses.

Nasme TPM tech options slide.jpg

We need to reduce our Social media activities around the government, President Buhari this and that, EFCC this and That.  corruption here, recovered loot there and channel more efforts to pushing our brands with these tools. I am not saying they are not important or worthy causes but i think the time spent on that may be better spent on pushing your products and services like the big brands out there. There are on social media too pushing even with all the money they have.         As a Chelsea FC fan, i had Chelsea brand on all my social media walls. I have a lot of people connecting with me on that level even till today. I also posted on the government and all. One day i thought about it. Will the recovered loot get to me? Will Chelsea give me a part of their money from tickets et al? My answers to these pertinent questions were all capital “NO”. What if the discussion is about Scimitar Global Services? Why can’t my pages be an additional business touch point for pushing my brand, selling my products and services? As a Business Solutions/ Sales & Marketing professional, who practiced marketing management and has been pushing company brands over the years as an employee, i slapped myself and started making changes and i advise you to do same, if you haven’t. For the records am still #foreverBlue! 

I also shared with the participants, the importance of  Four “P”s of marketing as it applies to  smallRewrite-the-Ps-of-marketing and medium Enterprises and the activities around the “P”s required to push a brand. As an Entrepreneur and Business Owner you MUST understand the four P’s of Marketing  and it has nothing to do with running around begging the customers with your product in hand!  You have to create the right Product , Promote it at the right Price through the right channels(Place).

These are the 4 P’s of Marketing.  We finished the session with a charge. See the screen shot.Nasme TPM charge

As a Microsoft Partner, Scimitar Global Services Limited (SGSL) can help your MSME Business with modern business tool to support your plan and strategies at low cost relative to your business.  We will show you activities to help push your brand. So do contact us today for a chat on helping you or your employees to market your business leveraging  budget friendly technologies available to you.

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Training , Development and Empowerment

Leveraging Technology for your MSME Business by Scimitar Global Services Limited

Chinedum Amachi MD/CEO SGSL  analyzing the technology in view and all benefits that awaits Nigeria Immigration Service on Go Live.

A few months ago, I was privileged to manage a one week packed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) discovery session for Nigerian Immigration Service at their Headquarters in Abuja. They have just deployed Microsoft CRM technology  and needs to leverage it for quality immigration services. It was an awesome experience with our services men and women, who were very eager to leverage technology to improve their services across board to Nigerians.

This week, on the 12th of April, i will be working in partnership with Nigeria Association of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (NASME Lagos) in an MSME Smart Business Tour organized by #NASME Leadership in one of its many empowerment programs planned for its members in 2017. Scimitar Global Services and Microsoft will be hosting the members of NASME Lagos.

This session’s theme is on “Leveraging Technology for business”. 

I will be sharing with the members , some information on how to leverage their existing applications and other recommended Microsoft modern business technologies to help get the information needed to predict business’s future trends.

Special offers are available to the first 16 members who sign up for the event. Your Name, Business email, Business name and direct Business Phone number is required to set up your offers. Please click on the banner below to register for the event.

Please contact NASME Lagos Secretariat for more information on registration and other information about the association:

Email:  Phone: 08098229374