Transport management Solution (A Complete Bus Automation Software )

Ticket 1.jpgHave you noticed that our transportation companies now sell tickets online and mobile apps. They are even marketing on social media, connecting with customer on a daily basis. I was really impressed when i got to God is Good Motors and was told i could book my ticket on online and days before too with a mobile. I tried it and it worked. Armed with my online ticket and ETD, I showed up like a checked-in passenger about to board a flight.

But that is for two or three known transport companies like Chisco and one easier mentioned and i can not confirm today how customers fare with them and their technologies. Maybe you can help tell us. Initially it was a carbonated ticket which must be filled by the ticketing agent and then issued to the traveler at the booking station before boarding. The story about the chaos during festive seasons will be over emphasized if we go into it. First it was ABC Transport  and their coaches who took off with a transport management software and then others followed. Then the Hummer Bus revolution that took over the roads. One major transportation companies can have over 200 Hiace buses and  all  we can imagine is the stress of managing these services manually, issuing hand – written tickets as against having an automated system to  manage and track all the business areas from a central location with real-time reports and accounting to management.

Transportation businesses need to continuously up their games and be proactive with the changing environment and leverage customer behavior statistic to strategically keep them happy and loyal with out compromising quality. This can only happen if they leverage technology for their business to avoid some of these problems we have here:

  • managing ticketing manually
  • Customers loosing loyalty on your services
  • Loosing track of collections
  • Loosing track on occupancy status
  • Overbooking by agents
  • Excessive phone bills
  • Messed up reservation charts
  • Difficulty in communicating with customers and agents or Branches
  • Not knowing which route is profitable
  • Not able to book tickets from remote offices
  • Not able to provide tracking status of the bus to Customer
  • Not being able to provide tracking status of Bus to Driver

With the above problems taken care off, be assured of customer loyalty which guarantees revenue.  Another i issue i have experienced is poor queue management. click here  for a unique queue management and appointment setting solution.

Scimitar Global Services Limited( SGSL) in partnership Bitla Software is introducing its NO 1 Simplified Bus Operator Management Solution for Transportation Businesses in Nigeria, that provides  a Centralized Reservation System connecting all branches, agents, passengers and all online portals with flexible coach layouts, dynamic variable tariffs, easy scheduling of the services and with complete Accounting capabilities and lots more.

ticket 2.png

This is Ticket Simply comes:

  1. FULLY Managed & Hosted, Completely Backed up for HA and redundancy ,
  2. Highly customizable for best fit,
  3. Horizontally Scalable and Reliable,
  4. Secure and ready to use solution.
  5. Supported by an innovative team dedicated 24×7 to ensure the success & growth of your business.

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Routes & Schedules

Flexible configurations with multi-hop, multi-station, connecting bus & round trip for owned, tie-up to/from, leased to/from arrangements. Dynamic Rate Cards & Route Maps for better Yield Management. Control bookings on Schedule by channel with one click start/stop.acount
Ticket Simply4

CRS, Bookings, Charts & Passengers

Manage & drive Bookings from multiple channels centrally with CRS, digital Passenger charts, SMS/m-Checkin, specials for loyal Passengers. On the go – on boarding of the customers digitally and with No Shows handled for rebookings and road side pick up bookings.

Sales & Marketing

Analytics driven yield management, tariffs management, automated Campaigns to drive passenger engagement and loyalty.
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Branches & Agents

Manage Multiple branches, users and agents securely with configurable roles & privileges. Agents operated as Online, Offline with Pre/Post paid options and automated payments controls.
Our customer  experience is number 1.
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Business Intelligence & Finances

Stay on top of the Business with BI App and control your finances from anywhere. Intelligence on Occupancy, Profitability, Revenues, Routes Performance & Insights, Price Prediction, Passenger Booking Trends, Loss of Occupancy and more
Are running a transport company and need to stay on top and control your finances from all your locations. Book a demo with us now.

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